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was awarded the 2012 national medal of the arts today. >> president obama presented lucas and also praised him for his view of special effects in the star wars series. >> a palestinian teenager who lost part of his right leg during an attack in the middle east is now in the bay area for some much needed help. >> a 14-year-old boy lost his right leg when his home in gaza was shelled in 2007. >> he's here to get his 3rd prosthetic leg. >> oakland orthopedic is giving him a new one. the children's relief fun is paying for it. he's due on tuesday for a final fitting. >>> one day there may be a cure for high cholesterol. the drug mimics system ins with people having low ldl. >> researchers have also yet to put the drug to a large scale test. >>> thank you so much for making ktvu your station. we'll have more breaking news coming up later this evening. have a good night. at farmers we make you smarter about insurance, because what you dont know can hurt you. what if you didn't know that it's smart to replace washing-machine hoses every five years? what if you didn't know that you might need extra co
to the other battle on capitol hill, immigration reform. president obama will meet with senators john mccain and chuck schumer today. both were part of a by farther san group that helped draft the senate's bill. meanwhile house republicans met behind closed doors wednesday. tara mergener is in washington. good morning, tara. >> good morning, anne-marie. the gop is united on tougher border control, but not on a path to citizenship for those living in the u.s. illegally. whatever plan they do come up with will take longer to craft than the white house and other immigration reformers would like. ♪ for the land of the free >> immigrants from around the country rallied outside the u.s. capitol to tell members of congress they want immigration reform. inside house republicans met in the basement for 2 1/2 hours to discuss the topic. >> i think it's going great. >> any disagreement? >> reporter: about the only thing they do agree on is what must come first. >> unless there is border security first, there will be no bill. >> republicans say the only way immigration reform will pass the house i
government is running ads for these parties to get more people to rely on the government and obama said he wts to fundamentally transform america to be more dependent on the government is part of that plan and it is the wrong plan for our country. john: you see people begging in cities like this and when i was a kid i would feel sorry for them and give them many. then we did test to find almost all of them had homes and were skimming people and the social service agencies say don't give to these people. by a chided for one hour anand made $11. more than minimum wage by giving money to then you are teaching the to dependent to say you don't need to work. >> we're teaching people to eat fish but not how to fish it is the old cliche it is true the more you make people dependent they will not try to find themselves. >> we have to judge the program of milton friedman number their intention but their effectiveness. >> we have to many that are ineffective and you cannot get ready -- rid of any of them. thank you. coming up we want to protect our children but to as we protect them or do we rob the
medical association. businesses get a break before the health mandate. the obama administration, rolling back part of their enforcement plan for the federal health care law. what was supposed to happen in 2014? what has been changed? guest: we still have the situation for most individuals will be required to purchase whorance, but employers, were also supposed to have a requirement beginning then as well, they will no longer be required to have that mandate on january 1. lawyers were supposed to, on january 1, here again we are talking about employers over 50. for was not a requirement smaller employers, it was a requirement for larger employers, offering their employees some kind of coverage with a minimum set of benefits or pay a penalty. somewhere between 2000 and $3,000 per worker after the first 30 years. talking about $2,000 to $3,000 per worker. you mention that people generally still need to have insurance in 2014, that has not changed? guest: correct. host: but the element has changed. why did the obama administration will this back? guest: there were a couple of blog posts that
terrorism policies of the obama administration, in large part, bear a lot of similarity to a counter-terrorism policies of the bush administration. would you agree with that? >> at think that's fair. >> the foreign intelligence court, the national security agency role in collecting met a data, their use of unmanned aerial vehicles to kill terrorists, members of al qaeda. there seems to be a lot of continuity here with some notable differences. i do have a question about the enhanced interrogation techniques that you talked about earlier. as i understood you said there were three questions. effective, which is a question for the intelligence agencies. secondly, legal, which is a question for the office of legal counsel, the primary law firm, so to speak, for the united states government, and then there is the provincial question about, should we be doing this stuff. i think he made clear on the third issue utah we should not. does that apply to all of the enhanced interrogation techniques that were used to interrogate members of al qaeda and other terrorist groups or just water border
even better about the united states in. >> i think it's about a concentrated presence in our part of the world. i think when obama announced rebalance, i think was terrific. i think secretary clinton was great in that she was out and about in asia but i think a lot of people in asia are now asking whether the pivot was last year's story we have a secretary of state more concerned in bringing peace to the holy land. he spends not a lot of time in our part of the world. the trips tend to be brief an unremashable. the military elements of the rebalance are important but to the overwhelming. and i think it's important for america to make it mare but a sustained effort at the presidential level, the secretary of state level, that america's here to stay an it's here to continue to bring balance to our region. >> dow want to see more planes, more ships, do you want to see more diplomats, trade negotiations? what is it that again you get up in the morning, you would say okay, these americans, they're really serious about our part of the world. >> i think the diplomatic elements of the reb
for the national labor relations board are very controversial. after the court ruled that obama recess appointments of three members or invalid richard cordray was also part of a recess appointment that was not subject to a lawsuit and the supreme court will decide nlrb cases. this action would probably take these actions out of the court and that is in the interest of this administration not to have the embarrassment of the supreme court if they came out with a decision contrary. i don't know how this will play after a i would love to hear by other members of the panel how this will happen to understand specifically how the nuclear option would even come into play. what happens on tuesday morning if there is no agreement how does it play out? is the threshold merely lowered from 60 to 50 votes or will all senate debate be declared dilatory? keep in mind two things -- when you look at this year, two of the biggest thing that happened politically were filibusters. you hear the demonization of the filibuster. they say it slows everything down and blocks legislation. my boss rand paul filibustered on
. that does hurt. >> jim, take him on. >> we've got a lot of part-time workers in this jobs report. why is that? because of government mandate relating to obama care. whether it's crowding out or red tape, they are not creating a big playing field for small businesses and that's why small businesses are not hiring. >> okay. two texans get the last word. thanks, guys. >>> young americans getting restless. a new poll shows their trust in d.c. is fading, overa nsa snooping. why that could help support for big government in d.c. that's at the bottom of the hour. but up here first, employers may have dodged the health care law for another year, but you may not be so lucky. remember this? >> if you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. >> what just happened that might just change that. the ones getting involved and staying engaged. they're not afraid to question the path they're on. because the one question they never want to ask is "how did i end up here?" i started schwab for those people. people who want to take ownership of their investments, li
than 2%. s&p 500 gained 3%, nasdaq almost 3.5. >>> from wall street to a more modest part of town, a story about how much or how little president obama talks about the people that live there. chief washington correspondent james rosen has the surprising facts of what the president does not say about poverty. >> we are more compassionate, than a government that let's veterans sleep on the streets and families slide into poverty. >> reporter: in 2008, when he won the presidency, the poverty rate was just over 13%. now that figure stands at just over 15%. >> hello, everybody, welcome to the white house. >> reporter: mr. obama speaks about the poor less frequently than any modern president. a new study by georgetown university center foray plied research finds that presidential statements referencing any economic, johnson, on the war on poverty mentioned the poor 84% of the time. jfk, jimmy carter, almost three-quarters of the time. most modern presidents discuss it two-thirds of the time. george herbert walker bush did so half the day, dead last in the study comes barack obama who re
white house aides that change in part building frustration that president obama has with afghan president karzai. >> and mohamed morsi supporters want morsi reinstated. >> osama bin laden was walking around with a cowboy hat on? >> you know in a way that makes sense because it's going to provide shielding. in another way, if you really want to get noticed in pakistan walk around with a cowboy hat. >> i think it looks fantastic. we heard from the crowd how please they had were. >> that guy, that nsa leaker guy, edward snowden, here's how hot it is he's seeking asylum in antarctica. >> announcer: today's "eye opener" at 8:00 is presented by choice hotels. >>> i'm norah o'donnell with gayle king and anthony mason. charlie rose is off. for the first time this morning, we're hearing from the three women held prisoners for years in cleveland. amanda berry, gina dejesus and michelle knight. >> ariel castro allegedly held the three women and a child he fathered with berry until three months ago. they spoke on a youtube video leased very early this morning. it was reco
to start with you. what do we do with a coalition of women who we know showed up in part because president obama was at the top of that ticket. how do we get that coalition out in 2014 and in 2016? >> well, mitt romney was certainly an energizer. everybody looked at him and thought, that can't be the man that sits at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. i think what's happening, you're seeing the republican party at a real crisis and a crossroads, on both the national level and the state level. and i twa still the national level is what we pay attention to a lot in the media in terms of congress and the debates they have and the panels they have featuring all white males talking about women's issues. and that certainly in and of itself is enough to get people at least outraged. but what is happening at the state level across the country, whether it's through defunding planned parenthood, whether it's through transvaginal ultrasounds, there's an ongoing battle that has dramatic repercussions for women, but really, especially women of color. >> i always want to sort of remind focuses that the kinds of
, another part of what noaa does. president obama em pa far sized climate change last week in a major speech. slowing if effects of climate change is crucial to ensure a bright, healthy future for the next generation. as the president said we need an all of the above approach to energy to cut carbon pollution. part of the solution is both the public and the private sectors to continue to develop break-throughs in things like clean energy. these break-throughs will help outcompete in the energy sector. we also flood too on the ground work to help communities as they face the effects of climate change, which are already of evident in some of the major coastal areas. noaa is at the forefront to helping these communities for the long term. we're providing tools and expertise to help them and respond to issues like drought, sea level rise, flooding, and more. we must all be working together to ensure a healthy planet and provide a bright future for our children. it is clear that our president understands this and leaders like chairwoman mikulski understands it too. she understands our environment
. and we get used to it in part because the media helps us get used to it. >> and also fuel economy standards have improved. >> julie, what do you think? >> i think he's right. you guys are complaining that obama wants to raise fuel standards is, but that's pretty good news for gas standar. it will make that tank of gas go a lot longer and i think that's pretty good. i'm not oppose to the keystone pipeline. but we do know that it's not really -- i mean, from fact checkers and others who have looked at it, it's not really going to affect the price of gas. we can sit here and pretend it's going to be a massive panacea. it might marginally effect it a couple of cents. >> here is the issue. as much as going after coal -- as much as raising our ility bills is the issue, that part of the energy issue -- >> what part of the energy issue? >> going after coal, going after -- not driving those standards and grandfathering it in for power plants and the like, that all of a sudden are looking at having to make these expensive adjustments right now. i find it odd that these plants that really de
in this tiny slice of obama-care? >> this is huge. employer mandate are by tar the toughest part of it. >> it's by no means the most complicated. heather: will fall care ever be fully implemented? the obama administration announced it's postponing the requirement that employers provide coverage or face fines. argument being made was you can't delay the employer mandate without also delaying the individual mandate. if workers are required to have the coverage but businesses aren't required to provide it you are shifting the cost from employers to workers. that's according to the cato institute, do you agree? >> it might help explain why the obama administration quietly announced it won't be trying to verify who qualify for subsidies for obama-care premiums. they are going to say if you qualify for a check from the government for obama-care subsidies you will get one and they won't try to confirm your income or any on the per qualifications. that may be a way to he dozen people into the system. that's one of the main problems. the incentives aren't there for the number of young healthy people t
casa blanca durante una cena oficial para niÑos... estos menores fueron parte de una competencia anual sobre recetas de platillos originales para difundir la buena alimentacion y nutricion.... durante la cena, estos niÑos fueron sorprendidos con la presencia del presidente obama quien llego al evento para felicitarlos... 54- niÑos ganadores y sus padres fueron seleccionados en esta actividad.. mas preguntas que respuestas en el caso de nino de siete anos autista encontrado muerto dentro de un auto. alertan de fraude mediante una llamada telefonica. le orientamos para que no caiga en la trampa. tendra que comparecer a un tribunal el hijo del gobernador de virginia. le vamos a decir porque. en los deportes les concaremos que pasa con el grupo c de la copa oro saludos y bienvenidos a la policia del condado de howard esta buscando a un hombre que se encuentra desaparecido y segun dicen podria hacerse dano a si mismo... el hombre fue identificado como george joseph holthaus, de 50 anos, de ellicott city, senalan que dejo su casa alrededor de las 8:30 de la manana para dar una caminata...
at the white house with the president and first lady. part of the kids state dinner. rose scott, one of 54 students who won the invite to dine with the obamas. great scene here. recipe for pork and tofu lettuce cups one of the winners in the second annual, healthy lunchtime challenge. sponsored by michelle obama. more than 1,300 entries were submitted. rose scott the only one to win and be represented from california. >> wow. pork and tofu lettuce cups. we have to get that recipe. >> right up your alley. >> thank you for joining us us at 5:00. see you at 6:00. >> bye-bye. >>> on our broadcast tonight, inside the cockpit as flight 214 slammed into a seawall in san francisco. and with the focus now on the pilots, tonight what investigators have learned about what was happening in those final moments before impact. >>> breaking their silence. those three young kidnapped women held captive in a house in cleveland for a decade. they're speaking out now for the first time. >>> marijuana for kids. a growing number of parents using it to treat everything from autism to epilepsy. and while it's con
-american, so i want extra rights here. >> would you have said that about obama? i guess i want to get it right. his mother was white. wise guy. his father was part black and his mother was white. >> part kenyan. the other network coverage on this. it is as if even the lawyers on the other networks and they talk differently when they come on your show by the way. if they think what has to be shown in this trial is george zimmerman has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he did not engage in racial profiling. no, just a little word to the wise. ith not illegal for a private citizen to racially profile, not illegal to follow someone. certainly not illegal when you have a concealed carry permit in florida to have a gun on you. burden of proof 100% on the prosecution. they have to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the self-defense claim was not legitimate. you do not need to have a scratch on you to fear death or imminent harm which is why it's kind of insane for people to say, oh, no, no, no. i don't think he'll be convicted on second degree murder, but will be on manslaughter. the self-def
. the obama irs grilled te party groups in order to get tax exempt status, but obama care subsidies they rely on self reporting without further veriction. and the best part of it is, the reason they gave for waving the veriction requirement. and i am quoting them. it was not feas ebl to check the eligibility of individuals. so we are learning from the obama administration amazingly that it is not feasible to check the eligible of tens of millions of americans complying with regulation. this bill is so massive and complicated and so unwieldy that the obama administration admits it cannot implement obama care. >> would you rather just give the irs, the vast expansion of power and money to double check all of the tens of millions of people. on one hand you don't want the obama involved in obama care. but then give the irs the power to enforce the mechanism. you guys want the irs involved or in the involved. as they say you are damned if you do or don't. you will get beat up on any of the issue. >> i tell you what i want. i want obama repeated. >> it is not happening my friend. >> your own party
of demonstrators on both sides squaring off. gregg: a new poll out from obama-care. can the white house pick and choose which parts of the law they will enforce and which parts they will ignore or delay? that's coming up. if you're looking for help relieving heartburn, caused by acid reflux disease, relief is at hand. for many, nexium provides 24-hour heartburn relief and may be available for just $18 a month. there is risk of bone fracture and low magnesium levels. side effects may include headache, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. if you have persistent diarrhea, contact your doctor right away. other serious stomach conditions may exist. don't take nexium if you take clopidogrel. relief is at hand for just $18 a month. talk to your doctor about nexium. when you experience something great,ou want to share it. with everyone. that's why more customers recommend verizon, america's largest 4g lte network. martha: awaiting a vote on a polarizing vote on an abortion law in the lone star state as the house prepares to vote on banning abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. we are watching that one liv
. she was part of the kids skate dinner at the white house. she won the invitation to dine with the obamas. one of the 1300 entries, rose was selected among three other california finalists. >> and the president has admitted he doesn't like mushy vegetables. he likes firm vegetables. >> i like them all. >> usually it means it's overcooked. in my cooking lessons over the past couple of years. i'm learning how to cook, folks. >>> you can see a beautiful shot of the fog rolling in. we'll tell you what this will mean for airport delays tomorrow morning and how long it's going to last in a few minutes. >> you're trying to learn how to cook. my goose is cooked. >>> in oakland, ready to take center stage, and a certain giant ready for a come back. and the defending champs looking to get back on track at home. all next from the xfinity sports desk. >>> well, there's a lot of drama at the america's cup, but it's not really on the water. the racing has begun, but the controversy continues. fill us in. where are we in all this? >> reporter: well, let's not worry about too much controv
... another part of the of the foreign agenda is a afghan war. president obama previously said he wants to wind down american involvement there by the end of 2014 and pull out combat troops but the idea has been we would always leave some troops behind as the end of 2014 as some sort of stabilization, training, quick reaction to any kind of al qaeda presence, that kind of thing. somewhere in the order of 10,000 troops something like that is what people have talked about. now they're increasingly is talk that perhaps there be a zero option. that means move out entirely. leave nobody behind. this has always been on the table but there does seem to be some sense according to my colleagues that frustration with president karzai has led them to take this more seriously. maybe it's time to disentangle militarily from afghanistan altogether, something that would cause some concern among people who wonder whether, you know, the long war there has gotten to the point where it's sufficient for american troops to be gone entirely. >> andrea, there are some great things about being president and so
on homeland security grants. we got -- i have to do this. 13 sno cone machines at the cost of $11,000 was part of homeland security. >> let's switch to another topic. that's egypt. president obama in 2009 went to egypt to speak to the people, the muslim world, to sort of bridge the problem between the two worlds. that didn't work out too well. now there's a situation going on in egypt. is it a military coup or not? that's a very specific question for a very specific reason. >> well, you know, even to debate where it's a military coup is sort of a ridiculous debate. without question it's a military coup, but the legislation goes one step farther. it says the military was instrumental in getting rid of a democraticallily elected government. so in this case no matter who they put in, the military did depose morsi. i wasn't for giving morsi any tax or arms, but i'm not even any more of a fan of the military. so the law says explicitly the president can't give them any more money. but that's the thing about this president. he thinks he's above the law. and this should really trouble americans. beca
of the architects between obama's 2008 and 2012 campaigns. why so early? >> a big part of that decision make progress says is making sure there's an organization out there to support that potential candidacy. that's what we're doing. >> he signed up for a super pac called ready for hillary. they're lined up dollars and organizing supporters and also preparing a counterattack across the opposition. few names in poll politics attract more than in clinton. even the gop has her name in her sights. >> don't tell me democrats are lined up for the future. >> there are concerns that if she does not decide to reprise her 2008 role as candidate clinton it may hurt the democrats' chances to keep the white house in 2016. >>> look. you're going to hear wining and sniveling from other potential daent candidates but you hear it all the time. i think it's great benefit to the party. >> be time on her side she's sticking to a speaking circuit that recently included the opening of a child's lie brai bearing her name. it may not be a presidential library but may be a step toward what m
was a modest part of the announcement from president obama and cape town and then some subsequent -- some subsequent remarks in tanzania. if you look et -- across a number of different reasons : i will try and be quick and wrap it up. the public needs to play a significant part of any effort. very important parts to play. there are couple of thinghat a very unique for this space. one is in terms of the financing . a match with the requirements for the medium to long-term and chairs of the financing. the risk mitigation is very important in the space. in addition, an austere budgets, there is no way in hell that you would say idea will be allowed to give billions of dollars out of congress and the foreseeable future to be able to support this. frankly in many ways outside of the critic guarantees i don't think you want credit space to go baby is a nest of a commercial liability. the private sector will have to be essential if there will be sustainability. painful practice of lessons that have come from that. there may be some cases where subsidies in the median in near term may be required
the white house. this was not an obama-led takeover. >> by no means. >> helps provide an economic lifeline to giving this money and eventually help them stave off a civil war. that's part of the reason that brought this overthrow. the economy isn't doing well. >> several weeks ago, i predicted the egyptian economy was going to collapse because they run out of foreign exchange. they had no money to pay for food. so they are heading into a tremendous economic crisis and this billion and a half from the united states will help the military, but they are going to get $11 billion from various arab countries and they would not have gotten that if morsi was in power. so this is going to help egypt maintain itself as a coherent country. so in my judgment, this is the best outcome we could have hoped for. >> where did president obama go? >> he went to cairo? >> why? >> that's a good question. i ask myself that many, many times. he wanted to speak to the arab world in some way. >> i think he mentions in his biography that his close personal friend was an egyptian that he met there or about tha
nationwide recipe a challenge to promote healthy lunches as part of the first lady let's move initiative. winning recipe a was pork and to few lettuce cup. mrs. obama says this is one of the favorite events at the white house. >> because we get to see how talented and creative and brilliant all of you young people can be and we get to show the world and we don't just get to see it we get to taste it. >> some of the dishes include alaska l with mango. confetti spring roll. sushi salad and quinoa with shrimp and kale all sounds fabulous. >> while we are talking about young people doing remarkable things. can a group of bay area college students build more efficient car than even the auto expert? some students think they already have. coming up. look at student project that could change a multi-billion dollar industry. >> also. why we should not expect an end any time soon to the travel delay at sfo as a result of the asian crash. >> and i miss my brother. >> sole surenvironment emotional memorial for 19 fuelen firefighter for over 60,000 california foster children, having necessary
distance. i was also struck by the fact the obama white house noted today that the speech by the former president is a valuable part of the immigration conversation. now does he have much influence on house republicans? those are two different things and while he is a republican who is well regarded by many in the party even when the broader political numbers for him and polling numbers haven't been as strong, the likelihood that he will influence is really a question mark. but he does give more political cover for those who want to find something in what the former president said to find some kind of path on an immigration plan that the house can move forward on. andrea? >> so in -- in the politics of all of this, will john boehner be influenced by that? will house members as they debate whether to take a piece meal approach, a larger approach or do nothing at all on immigration? >> well, kelly is right to say we don't know yet. my strong inclination, andrea, based on what we've seen over the first six months, whether it's the farmville vote, vote over the speaker, fiscal cliff with th
she heads back to school. she was part of the kid's state dinner at the white house last night. rose scott is one of 54 students who won the invite to dine with the obamas. her recipe for pork and tofu lettuce cups is one of the winners of the second nationwide healthy lunchtime challenge sponsored by first lady michelle obama. congratulations to her. >> that is very, very cool. love to see that. >>> an ohio little league team right now has a very special sponsor so they can make some sweet music out on the field. how about grammy-winning band the black keys in the west akron orioles, made up of 6 to 8-year-olds, look at those little studs running out on the field, look at their jerseys on the back there strike says the black keys on the back, the bonus you get when you pay for them. the band reportedly sponsored the team for the low, low price of $300. any chose west akron little league because two of the band members used to play in that league as kids. >>> it will be harder to know went ice cream man is in the neighborhood in one southern california city. the long beach city counc
it all together. >> doug luzader has more. >> the white house says obama care should be delayed for businesses republicans say individuals deserve a delay in this as well. this is the most controversial part. image knee say the government is struggling to establish the health insurance changes. some may not be completely ready in time republicans are calling for a delay. >> individual mandate is set to kick in on january 1st of next year. that will give 6 million americans on average $1,200 tax increase. >> the white house delayed the employer mandate that provided insurance by a full year. kritd ticks say the evidence of the entire plan is not ready for prime time. >> now what happened late before holiday a weekend the administration on a blog post essentially whispers it's not working. >> despite accusations the president is violating the law by delaying some deed lines while planning to enforce others the white house says this is all within his authority. >> people who suggest there is nothing less than a delay are sticking their heads in the stand or are ignorant about past
, part of the enactment, the extension of coverage to those, do you think all of those factors continue under obama care lend themselves to increasing premiums for the job creator on the street? >> i do not know. mr. rangel was good at pointing out all of these panel members were experts on health care. they have until july to get 12 businesses up and running and there is a website they can go to figure it out. i am sure they would be overwhelmed. this takes up all of my time right now. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> i want to commend you. this is a remarkably important topic as we move forward with the calamity confronting the country right now. republicans are for positive health reform, reform that recognizes patients and families and doctors ought to be making medical decisions and not washington, d.c. i would encourage my friend to take a peek at it and embrace positive solutions. this was talked about being all about politics. you talk about politics. here is an announcement from the administration coming out a blog post from the irs. we have governance by blog post, that delay
on to the science fiction part of the week. as fate would have it, two days later, president obama awarded george lucas the national medal of arts and humanities. while he didn't mention any future lunar ambitions in his speech, he did reflect on the legacy of "star wars." >> i remember when i first saw "star wars," there is a whole generation that thinks special effects always look like they do today. but it used to be you would see like the string on the little model spaceships. anyway, i'm being led astray. >> much like the moon bill in congress, lucas' original idea for "star wars" was met with skepticism at first. but he got it done with a mix of good storytelling and innovative special effects. so that got us thinking maybe the moon bill supporters should take those lessons and repackage their bill in a format more familiar to "star wars" fans in congress. and here's what that might look liken hansed with our own special effects. ♪ ♪ >>> well, that's just a taste. the entire bill would probably take another five minutes. >>> next up, a lesson that many in washington have learned the har
in the home stretch before president obama passed obama care president obama swore up and down that he would fight for health care. he said he would eliminate every instance of health care fraud in the government. the worst part is, he doesn't have the authority to do this. >> i want to get to that in a minute. i want to ask one quick follow-up. regarding the lack of income documentation for ineligibility, this is so much like the housing crisis of years ago it's unbelievable because then liar loans were handed out with no income and no documentation. why is this any different, michael cannon? this is the health care version of the housing bubble. >> it's not any different and the obama administration knows that this law is still vulnerable so their defense strategy is that if we just throw bags of cash at people, then we'll be able to get by more obama care voters, and there's something to that. if you make people dependent on government, people will vote for bigger government and higher taxes. that appears to be their strategy here. >> you know, ron poll lack, i know you'll come at me with
. i could name more. all blue, all carried by president obama, because he won re-election, all part of this national dynamic that is so troubling to republicans in presidential politics. 71% of latinos for the president, only 27% for mitt romney. that an improvement even over the president's big win among latinos in 2008. so, from a national perspective, a big problem for republicans, which is why many say let's get this over with, let's get a bill to the president's desk, even if we have to give up and give him a path to citizenship. but you ever hear a politician say all politics are national? no, they say all politics are local, and when you look at it from that perspective, the immigration debate gets very different. look. there's a lot more red america than blue america. these are the house districts, the counties across america, including all the house districts. mitt romney carried more house districts than the president did, and the republicans kept their majority. that's the fascinating dynamic now. there are only 17 house republicans, only 17 who go home to districts the p
against obama no matter which side you're on. part of this is technology. let's go to tom in albuquerque. hello, tom. >> hi, steph. how you doing? >> caller: concerning fisa, the problem is not that the administration is utilizing the fisa court. the problem is that congress set up fisa under the constitution. it can set its jurisdiction under the constitution. and if you want to change it, then congress can change it. but as long as that tool is available to any president the president's going to utilize the tools that have been made available to him. >> stephanie: right. we're going to talk to rude pundit coming up at the bottom of the hour. not a lot of happy clappy stuff. >> no. >> stephanie: you know this is the other -- i think on the other side, jim, the other extreme is the whole you're with cheney. okay. if you think this, then you're with cheney. there is a pretty wide gap between you know, those of us on the left that you know, believe in a certain degree of security and how to achieve it i think is the main question. here's some happy clappy news. liz cheney is ruining everyt
be considering a speedier exit. "the new york times" reports president obama is considering moving up the withdrawal and not leaving a residual force behind. in large part because he has grown frustrated afghan president hamid karzai. according to the paper the two leaders attempted a video conference last month to smooth things over, but it reportedly ended badly with the afghan president accusing the americans of trying to negotiate peace with the taliban and doing that without him. joe, president obama i think running out of patience with the situation there. >> you know, yes. and, of course, there's so much to be concerned about here. of course neocons will be concerned that we're going to leave no troops there. of course. i'm concerned, i know you are, all of us are concerned that it's taken now four years to get to this point. we're essentially where we were four years ago. joe biden was there four years ago. i don't know if people remember but, mark halperin, there was that scene in 2008 where joe biden went over, met in afghanistan, met with karzai, he was still a senator then
that somebody gets in trouble for telling the truth on the people who were doing the terrible thing. when obama was elected he didn't reverse those parts of the constitution that dick cheney dismantleed. i wonder if he'll be using the same program. people would say how tear you say that about the savior. i'm just saying, i think every president will be doing it. i would like my parade from my democratic but not liberal friends. >> you're right, jen kirkman. >> that's my favorite sentence. >> stephanie: jen kirkman wants a parade. let's get her a parade. [ parade music ] >> stephanie: you deserve a parade. >> yes. >> stephanie: jen kirkman the book is "i can barely take care of myself." the woman is hilarious. now you need to come back. >> i will, i love you guys. i won't leave. i'll just stay here. >> stephanie: terrific. enjoy the next show. we'll see you tomorrow on "the stephanie miller show."
, i think that the major part of that is the republicans will hold the house of congress -- will hold the house of representatives in 2014, which makes obama a lame-dumb president. i think in general, business is doing better than most people think. a lot of part-time people because of the impending obamacare, which incidentally he quietly moved back to 2015. as far as the gentleman from illinois who called in crying about the economy, he should, because illinois is one of the worst-run states in the country, and i'm from louisiana where we had our own problems with politics. host: what's the situation like in louisiana? what's the economy like there? caller: well, the economy is neither hot nor cold. it's sort of in between. and i live near a large metropolitan area, new orleans, nd the unemployment is ok. but we have a large chemical complex, which is good and bad. but it maintains the economy on a fairly steady level. we have a governor, who i think has done a good job. it's not an excellent job, but he hasn't picked the pockets of louisiana as in past political situations. so i th
insurance to part-time workers. they offered it to those who worked 20 hours a week. they say they were cut because of added expenses brought on by obama care. they have to scramble to get subsidized coverage. >> you can buy your kids one of their favorite drinks. a new limit on the level of arsenic on apple juice. this after more than a year of pressure who have been worried about the chemical effects on children. arsenic is known to cause cancer and the fda is allowing the same amount in the juice as they do in water. good to know. 17 minutes after the hour. have you heard this one patti ann. the government spending $34 million on a military post say no one will ever use, this gets a whole nlot worse. you want to hear what the white house is saying about it. >> can you be sued for gaining weight? the survey says yes. details on the biggest loser lawsuit ahead. this is greta. she works in quality control. she makes a nifty living sleeping on mattresses pioneered by engineers whose singluar devotion is not stopping until they have given her the best sleep of her life. that's not greta. save
't see that with obama care and some of the other big deals. it was a product of leadership behind closed doors. you have a lot of people playing a part in it and so many different groups that are for what the senate just passed. what is very interesting to me is the timeline. you have a big meeting planned on wednesday and eric cantor said on friday that he will probably put this on the floor in july. boehner's office has suggested many times that this could be the fall before it happens. no one is in a big rush here. what does that mean for the prospects of actual passage? it is unclear at this point. >> i am going to remain hopeful that the groups will help make it happen. thank you. >> thanks, karen. >>> we have a lot more ahead including that ntsb presser live from san francisco coming up in just a few moments. this is "disrupt" on msnbc. >>> we continue to await the ntsb news presserer from san francisco. we are going to bring that to you as soon as gets underway. for now we will talk about a dramatic week in the florida murder trial. sybrina fulton testified that the screaming voic
for coming to this panel. today we will talk about online fundraising which was a big part of the last election, and i believe will be a big part of coming elections. let me introduce our panelists. with tobyrt fallsgraff. he was the e-mail director for the obama campaign in 2012. he oversaw e-mail and messaging strategies. of 18 e- led a team mail writers. digital director and organizing for action. next, we have lauren miller. she was the digital director for the elizabeth warren senate campaign. she again used to manage senator warns online adjudication -- senator warren's online medication. -- communication. .ext up we have ilya sheyman know, he ran for congress in illinois 10th congressional district and gardner nearly 40% of the vote. he got support from nearly 20,000 individual donors, most of which are online. have reigned in english. brandon english. in the 2010 cycle, the district raised $14 million online, and raised2012 cycle they $40 million online. they have nearly tripled the small dollar donors. i am ameliaderator, showalter. that is where we are coming from in terms of
for day-to-day forecasting, but also we monitor and predict climate changes, another part of what noaa does. president obama emphasized climate change haas week in a major -- last week in a major speech. slowing the effects of climate change is crucial to insuring a bright, healthy future for the next generation. as the president said, we need an all-of-the-above approach to energy coupled with steady, responsible steps to cut carbon pollution. part of the solution is for both the public and the private sectors to continue developing breakthroughs in areas like clean energy. these breakthroughs will have an added benefit of helping us outcompete and outinnovate the rest of the world in the energy sector. we also need to do on-the-ground work to help communities as they confront the effects of climate change, many of which are already evident in some of our major coastal areas. noaa is at the forefront of helping these communities become more resilient for the long term. we're providing tools and expertise to help them prepare for and respond to issues like drought, sea level rise, floo
house cost down. you are saying no do you assert that president obama knew it wasn't going to happen and did it in a deceitful way. i was saying that two years ago, long before this i will give you an example. part of the bill called the class act. the class act was to ensure long-term nursing home care which is unbelievably expensive. however, the way it was written in the bill. it wouldn't start for a decade but you and i would have to start putting in premiums right now they would have a decade of no expenditures much in the end. >> expense of the nursing home against the revenue coming. >> in it was delayed. >> in your opinion. how much is this going to cost the federal government to ensure people who don't have insurance? do you have any figure? >> i was estimating a lot of people who looked at this were estimating at the beginning. it would be a trillion dollars 2 trillion. it's going to be -- you know he what you are going to have to do? they will have to raise taxes and they might even have to introduce a vat. the kind of sales tax. >> bill: i don't think that's going to happ
robertson said -- the obama administration is proceeding with military aid to egypt one week after the ouster president mohammed morsi. reuters reports the u.s. will send four f-16 fighter jets to egypt as part of an annual aid package. eight more are due later in the year. at the white house, press secretary jay carney said the u.s. is still evaluating whether to brand morsi's removal as a coup, which would require the suspension of military aid. >> we are evaluating how the authorities are responding to and handling the current situation. we will take our time and the time necessary to make the determinations regarding what happened last week and the change of leadership, the removal of president morsi from power. >> egypt's muslim brotherhood has called on supporters to hold a major rally friday. prosecutors have issued arrest warrants for top motherhood leaders on charges of inciting violence. egypt's interim government says it still hopes to include muslim brotherhood officials in the country's new cabinet. al jazeera is reporting u.s. government helped fund morsi's opponents
." good evening, i'm brett baier, it's been a rocky road toward implementation for the part's increasingly controversial health care law. it seems one of the big revenue generators a surcharge on smokers falls under the category of easier said than done. chief international correspondent jim engel with obama care that may go up in smoke. >>
implementation for the part's increasingly controversial health care law. it seems one of the big revenue generators a surcharge on smokers falls under the category of easier said than done. chief international correspondent jim engel with obama care that may go up in smoke. >> one more delay in implementation of the health care law, this one dealing with the penalty for smokers. >> the way the law works is that inge su inge surers are able to charge people up to 50% for a surcharge. >> they can charge a lifetime smoker -- the law also limits the difference insurers can charge the young versus the old to three to one. and now the administration says it's computers cannot deal with any difference in the smoker's penalty. >> because of the way the it systems are structures, it limits how much variation there can be in the surcharge for older smokers versus younger smokers. >> can't do that because it will run afoul of our computer systems. >> which means either insurers char lifelong smokers less or young smokers a lot more. >> they apply it across the board so boetz younger and older smoke
then they were astonished to see that president obama was taking the power that they gave bush in the office. both sides do this. it's remarkable. then they look shocked when the power changes hands a couple of years later. >> michael: that's the funny part, oh my god, i can't believe it. if the shoe was on the other foot mcconnell would not hesitate for a moment to use the nuclear option. >> i think what is happened here you have not just one chamber but you have the white house. in terms of the moving policy in general whether it would be guns guns, climate control, dealing with budgets and now immigration, the democrats i think, would look and see why don't we see if we can do this without something like the nuclear option. if in fact, you believe as harry reid and some democrats do brief this is an extraordinary moment in which no matter what the president proposes, if the president wants it, we don't want it. this isn't just a game in which some nominees executive nominees are being held up for a while. that's happened for years. it happens from time to time. this is essentially every
to the overseas private investment corporation which was a modest part of the announcement from president obama in cape town and then some subsequent remarks in tanzania. for a number -- of different reasons and i'll try and be quick and wrap it up. because like chris, i tend to ramble on. opic needs a play a very significant part of any effort. number of actors have very important parts to play. but there are a couple of things they do that is unique for this space. one is longer ten ner terms of the financing so there is more of a match with requirements for this sector which is medium to long term in terms of the financing needs. some of the risk mitigation and insurance products are important in this space as well. in addition to that though, in an austere budgetary environment there is no way in hell usaid can get billions of dollars out of congress to be able to support this. and frankly in many ways outside of the capacity building and outside of some of the credit gaurn tees, i don't think you want usaid to go big in this space because it has to have a commercial viability nature to it
for taxpayers. hey, john. >> reporter: hey, kelly. it's not often president obama gets accused of favoring big business over the average person, but that's exactly what house speaker john boehner accused him of today as part of his continuing attack on obamacare. >> i think what the president did is outrageous. the idea that we're going to give big businesses a break under obamacare, but we're going to punish small businesses and families? it's wrong. and we'll have another vote. count on it. >> reporter: now, what speaker boehner was talking about was one of a series of delays in some key benchmarks for obamacare. first was a delay in the range of options available to employees of small businesses albeit more streamlined set of options now. the second was a delay in the enforcement of the so-called employer mandate. most large businesses already provide health coverage, but they're not going to have to pay a penalty if they don't now while they try to work out communication with businesses. and the third was the delay for one year of some forms of income verification for people applying for s
. it was the biggest domestic achievement president obama's had in the white house, but tuesday night, the administration announced it was delaying by a year, a key part of the president's sweeping health care law. the mandate for businesses with 50 or more employees to provide their workers with health insurance or face fines now won't kick in until the start of 2015. the news came as mr. obama was on board air force one, flying home from africa. it involved opponents of obama care and renewed calls by many republicans to try and repeal the health care law. state lawmakers in texas came back this past week in a special session called by governor rick perry to once again try and pass a controversial bill that would ban nearly all abortions after 20 weeks. >> we pursued policies to protect unborn children. >> the bill died a week and a half ago after a filibuster by a democratic state senator. >> that filibuster grabbed national attention. fast forward gabby giffords monday firing a weapon at a gun range for the first time since she was severely wouned in a shooting two and a half year
part-time jobs with very little security. >> so in other words, employers are finding it just too expensive to hire full-time workers. isn't this exactly what the opponents of obama care predicted during the debate before that bill became a law? >> absolutely. if you require employers to provide massive health care program with very high standards of coverage to everyone, they are simply not going to be able to afford it. they will find some way, one way or the other not to have full-time employees or as few as they can so as to pay benefits only to their managers and high-ranking people. >> here is the part i can't get past. 47% of the population works full time. that means the other 53% is being supported by that 47%. that's not a good ratio. >> absolutely not. look what's happening to young people. my graduates, my students, so many are getting into part-time jobs, some not meaningful. have you a guy with a master's degree working at starbucks so he lives with his parents. he's okay as long as his parents continuing working. a lot of folks my age putting off retirement, those w
ultimately decided that while obama care, itself, is constitutional, and while it may say you can't have the medicaid expansion if you reject it, you lose all your money, they decided that part actually is not constitutional. the court said states do not have to expand their medicaid programs in order to take their money. they tweaked the law. now a bunch of them aren't expanding their medicaid programs. congress passed a bill. the president signed it into law thin the court had the ability to redefine the scope of it, to essentially remake the law. here's the thinging. this is really important. this is how democracy works. when judges make or change the law like in the case of obama care, the rulings are open to the public. their reasoning, their reasoning is open to the public. why they did what they did. both sides of the argument get represented in court. we can listen to those arguments. since everything is open to the public, congress can then hear from voters then go back and rewrite the law. to can make it clear, make it inform to the constitution. the public accountable democrat
employer mandate until after the mid-term elections. gregg: we are expecting an announcement from the obama administration via a conference call. martha: this comes as the obama administration considers delaying the mandate for individual as well. they don't want the president to pick and choose parts of this law to enforce. >> we sent a letter to the president asking him to justify a delay in the employer mandate while leaving in place the mandate on individuals and families. if businesses can get relief, individuals should get relief as well. handing out subsidies is open to massive fraud and abuse. having the subsidies without any verification is opening the system up to all kinds of corruptions. we need to protect the american people from this law permanently. >> we strongly agree that this bill can't be implemented at this time. but we have an even stronger disagreement with this president that a time delay is going to fix the fundamental flaws in this bill. but as the president took this action and the unfairness it dealt to the american people, the house will respond to correct that
as well. this all raises concerns about the obama administration's ability to put into effect the biggest domestic policy initiative in at least a generation. plus republicans also question whether the president even has the authority to delay parts of the law like employer mandate and only implement parts of law he says or the government says are ready. so that is also a question of legality we're taking a look at today. certainly a lot happening inside that dome there. jon: you heard charles krauthamer last hour saying he thinks it is unconstitutional. the white house meantime making a big pr push for the roleout on the health care overhaul is concerned and kathleen sebelius, health and human services secretary just announced $150 million will go to community health centers across the country to help sign up people for coverage. these health centers are expected to hire some 3,000 outreach workers they're called. plus walgreens and blue cross-blue shield will be tapped to help educate people. all this part of an effort by the administration to make sure americans understand this law and
mandate was repealed. the exchanges promises for small business failed to be ready and were delayed. parts of law were found unconstitutional. 34 states have chosen not to build exchanging. the hub of obama care is not ready. the grants have not gone out to local communities. on and on the list is growing as we get closer to october 16789 clearly the rollout of obama care is in disarray and experts are questioning whether the white house is confident enough toster its own healthcare law. it could have profound impact on the federal budget and raises numb russ questions. how many more people end up or be forced into the exchanges? without reporting requirements how can we ensure subsidies are only going to those without offers of affordable insurance? it's unfortunate that no treasury officials are here today to answer these questions. the american people, congress and this committee deserve these answers and we will get them. we do know obama care is making healthcare more expensive. costing americans their jobs, shrinking their pay checks and preventing americans from keeping the healthca
part of an effort to improve conditions at prisons. if the judge refuses to intervene, the state will begin freeing inmates by the end of the year. >>> president obama and former president bush are putting pressure on lawmakers to pass immigration reform legislation. gop members met for more than two hours to discuss the topic yesterday. republicans largely agree on border security but they seem to be split 50/50 on the issue of citizenship. >> i will not under any circumstances either reward or ratify illegal conduct with my vote. >> the senate has already passed a bill paving the way to citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants. the first votes on the immigration reform in the house are not expected until september. >>> time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> anthony mason joins us now live from new york. he is in the big chair this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we'll hear more of the dramatic 911 calls from passengers aboard asiana flight 214. plus, she has been the round the clock face of the crash investigation since t
and on our web site at republican senators today grilled president obama's pick for the chief american diplomat for europe on a lot more than just european policy. victoria nuland is the former state department spokeswoman. emails showed she played a big part in crafting the administration's so-called talking points following last year's terror attack in benghazi. and while some republicans today said they do not dispute her nomination, they did question her numerous times about her role in the days after that attack. james rosen with the news live in washington tonight. james? >> shep, good evening. a former ambassador to nato, victoria nuland has worked for the last three presidents. and she is married to bob kagan, an influential conservative in foreign policy circles. new land's rise in official washington was threatened by benghazi to. hear her tell it, when new land was pushing her colleagues at cia to delete references to terrorism from the benghazi talking points she was acting, quote on instinct and not doing the bidding of then secretary of state hillary clinton even
the gamut that obama care, perhaps, is leading to more jobs, but more part-time jobs, they're trying to parse the good news into little pieces of bad news but it might be fair to an extent, harold? >> this surging in the market is largely if not exclusively due to what the fed is doing. look at some of the fundamentals and it's not quite there yet. you look at the disconnect and melody touched on between the haves and those who have a good education and good job and those that don't having a hard time finding employment and a steady wage. that has to be the focus of congress and i think the president going forward and there are great efforts on the part of the white house and congress, but they need to double down and focus with a greater certainty about the things they want to do. >> still ahead -- >> this is all about the fed here. >> still ahead from james bond's nemesis to hannibal lector, actor mads mikkelsen describes some of the most intriguing roles including the one that captured the big prize at last year's cannes film festival. you're watching "morning joe" brewed by starb
, and what the obama administration did last week, hoping the american people weren't paying attention that impacts huge parts of the president's signature domestic policy achievement as our nation was celebrating the 4th of july. i'm talking about the administration's decision to suspend for a year, conveniently past next year's election, which is very interesting to me, enforcing what's known as the employer mandate, the requirement that businesses offer insurance to their employees or face a penalty. and then a rule issued by the department of health and human services last friday stating that it would not verify people's incomes before giving out premium subsidies. my gosh, we've got fraud all over the federal government, and they do something this stupid? and undesirable. well, i'm certainly glad employers got some relief. it's quite a message from the -- it's quite a message the obama administration is sending to struggling families and individuals who will get no relief from this monstrosity of a law and its burdensome individual mandate tax. republicans in congress believe this
. >> there absolutely. it comes from a the time when barack obama said if i had a son, he would look like trayvon. you to remember this is a southern town, a very conservative town, a very republican town, a very red state sort of part of florida. and those jurors come from the community. they're a part of the community. so i can understand why neither side wanted to weigh too deeply into the issue of race because no one wants the jurors to feel pressure one way or the other to feel they're carrying the burden of a case primarily about race. but i thought the prosecutor was subtly trying to say that you do understand, right, that if the races of these two were reversed, you know how you would find. find the same way now. >> in his closing today, defense attorney mark o'mara claimed it was wrong to assume zimmerman had any kind of ill will toward martin that was based on race. >> that will show you by the long calls, the burglaries, the home invasion miss bertoelon suffered through, in that community there was a rash of people burglarizing homes. and you know what else it's going to show you? it's goin
managed to take his name and go national. into -- heapped found a creative way to attack the obama administration, which played well among republicans. he won twitter and dominated the airwaves. from other parts of the republican party was immediate. there was the wall street journal editorial. there were comments from liz andt and senator came, -- senator mccain made clear that they the best there were graham andom lindsey senator mccain. he may have lost points from the republican party for doing that. writes fort reid washington monthly on the education in the republican party. from new york city, good morning. caller: thank you for taking my question. the basis of so much of our foreign policy, why isn't foreign affairs magazine demanding a real investigation on why building number 7 fell? guest: the caller's conspiracy theory taps into rand paul. he has not distanced himself thingsople believing that are not in evidence. if rand paul is one to have a campaign that goes national, he has to learn how to dismiss and distance himself from people. host: the points he made in those
, the senate will convene a bipartisan caucus in the historic old senate chamber. it's part of an effort to temper the heated debate over a rule change proposed by democratic majority leader, harry reid. it would allow presidential nominations to pass with a simple majority. president obama has complained that republicans have held up his appointments for some two years now. joining me to talk about this, from the white house, with the latest, is nbc news's kirsten welker. good morning, kristen. the fight really got personal this week. how is the white house handling that? >> reporter: oh, it did get perm, betty, and very heated. look, senator reid is essentially threatening no use this nuclear option, which as you point out, would mean that executive branch nominees could get through the senate with 51 votes as opposed to the 60 that they currently need, essentially ending republicans' ability to filibuster. reid says this is necessary, because there is unprecedented obstructionism, but minority leader mitch mcconnell has said that if reid moves forward with this, he could go down in hi
issue. that is certainly an important part of our story. > good point to transition on. >> let's go to the first of our video interventions. rmer treasury secretary, to president barack obama. let's listen to larry summers. >> yes, we should tax the rich united states. in the united states we have growing pressures on the public sector. population over 65. many nearing or passed retirement. l education, health care, the relative price of health care. a television set has changed by the factor of 100 over the last decade, and public health care. of course population over 65. many nearing or passed retirement. l education, health care, the relative price of health care. a television set has changed by the factor of 100 over the last decade, and public health care. of course we have raising -- some of it needs to be met by cutting wasteful spending. but there isn't that much wasteful spending to cut, so revenues will have to from? inc where should that come on grounds of fairness, it should come from the wealthy. on grounds of major changes that have taken place over the last it has go
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